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There are some things which only experience can teach: our first love is probably not our last; karaoke machines do not make us sound like Elvis Presley... and it is vital to plan ahead; hence the importance of home insurance.

There are two kinds of home insurance: buildings and contents. Buildings insurance will protect the static parts of your house - the bricks and mortar, fixtures and fittings - from acts of God. That means weather damage and physical accidents such as fire, lightning and possibly flooding and subsidence. Contents insurance covers your possessions; not only against acts of God but acts of nefarious human beings too, such as burglary or, heaven forbid, arson.

Most mortgage lenders will insist on buildings insurance but contents cover is not compulsory. All the same it's wise to take out both kinds of household insurance or a combined policy. Natural or man-made, no-one needs the extra worry of having to pay for disaster damage.

So those are the reasons to take out home insurance. But what are the reasons to take it out with us? Well, here are some benefits of cover to start with:

  • A choice of policies from right across the insurance market, meaning we can cater for everyone, from first to fifth time buyers.
  • Possible savings for extra security measures such as smoke alarms or anti-theft devices.
  • A 24-hour claims helpline so you're not left on tenterhooks should a crisis strike.
Finally, it's not unknown for household insurance providers to take advantage of their customers by hiking premiums year on year, relying on homeowners not checking the price of their policy against others on the market; which is why you need the expertise of a company you can trust. At the Insurance Hub we compare UK buildings & contents insurance from a variety of providers to find the deal that suits you best. For an online quote just click here.